” I Learned so much from Claudia’s workshop. She provided a lot of information in a few short hours. I’ve paid thousands for other self-improvement and goal setting seminars, but did not get as much out of them as I did her class. Thank you Claudia, I’m working on “owning it”.
– Lynn Gavia – Elk Grove, CA

“Thank you so much for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for the “Success Principles”.  The workshop was wonderful. You always amaze me with your willingness to share, be vulnerable and help others be their best!”
– Kim Childs  – Elk Grove, CA

“Thanks Claudia! This is amazingly powerful stuff, and I appreciate that you took the time to put this together!  The workshop was valuable to me, in that it served as a personal reminder of the law of attraction, and how important it is to channel focus, as the things we focus on grow. Other take-aways were the significance of self-esteem, and another topic which I find very relevant in my life, is the idea of setting a few (perhaps even easy) tasks to accomplish every day, rather than focusing on everything all at once, which can be overwhelming and self-defeating”
Dennis Elliott – Sacramento, CA

“Claudia – you ROCK it! It was a terrific workshop”
Bralynn Newby – Sacramento, CA

“It was great…I’m glad I took the time to attend! Thanks, Claudia for a wonderful presentation!”
– Gail Kelly Robards – Sacramento, SA

“Your workshop was absolutely fabulous! You are a natural presenter and I so appreciate being invited to a great workshop! I learned things, will take time to do the “homework” and I am sure today I will become more mindful of where I am and where I am going! Thank you Claudia!”
Mimi Hackard Scherber – Sacramento, CA