“Claudia, thank you so much for your AMAZING workshop at our retreat. You are such a blessing for Crystal View! All the staff members were moved during the presentation and felt empowered afterwards. One of them said she “felt like a million bucks” another one said “she felt happier”. Thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us. I look forward to future talks with you!”
Diana H. – Owner of Crystal View Optometry, Elk Grove

“Each of us has a spark within us that needs to be fanned sometimes to turn it into a blaze and to become on-fire. That spark might be for an idea that you have, for an overdue phone call that you need to make, or for a commitment to yourself for any personal reason. Your brief presentation was the fan that I needed for something that I needed to due for myself, but one that I had kept moving to the back burner. Upon hearing you speak, I took the initiative to take action immediately on a few things, that are already showing the results! Thank you for being you Claudia!”
– Steve Carpenter – Roseville, CA

“Lots of great information and practical application. I left the event with actions steps and more focus on the success I can build for myself”
– Natalie Conrad – Chico, CA

“Claudia is a very personable, warm and friendly presenter. She is relatable and genuine. This presentation has come at the right time in my life and I feel a great sense of hope and of being able to make things materialize”
– Eleaine Mejia – Sacramento, CA

“Exellent workshop and super motivational. Makes you want to take action on what you want”
Michael Hava – Elk Grove, CA

“Claudia’s presentation was great and was presented with lots of knowledge and concrete steps. It was presented with so much heart and authenticity. Very powerful concepts and exercises were presented”
– Sally Dunbar – Fair Oaks, CA

” I Learned so much from Claudia’s workshop. She provided a lot of information in a few short hours. I’ve paid thousands for other self-improvement and goal setting seminars, but did not get as much out of them as I did her class. Thank you Claudia, I’m working on “owning it”.
– Lynn Gavia – Elk Grove, CA

“Thank you so much for sharing your passion and enthusiasm for the “Success Principles”.  The workshop was wonderful. You always amaze me with your willingness to share, be vulnerable and help others be their best!”
– Kim Childs  – Elk Grove, CA

“Loved the relaxed environment. It enable me to be real and turn inward to discover and learn more about my true self desires and needs”
– Stephanie Jeter – Sacramento, CA

“Claudia – you ROCKED it! It was a terrific workshop”
Bralynn Newby – Founder of Spirit Center Business – Sacramento, CA

“It was great…I’m glad I took the time to attend! Thanks, Claudia for a wonderful presentation!”
– Gail Kelly Robards – Sacramento, SA

“Your workshop was absolutely fabulous! You are a natural presenter and I so appreciate being invited to a great workshop! I learned things, will take time to do the “homework” and I am sure today I will become more mindful of where I am and where I am going! Thank you Claudia!”
Mimi Hackard Scherber – Sacramento, CA

“As I mentioned this morning, Claudia was awesome! I think what made it so great was just HER personal style. The way she explained things, the examples, analogies and exercises made everything make sense and resonate in terms of how to improve one’s business and personal relationships. Claudia is practical, straightforward, honest, and FUNNY! I love that. I’m looking forward to reading her new book and taking any of her classes that are offered”
Nicole York – Elk Grove, CA

” You missed out on an incredible seminar. She shared tips with us to help improve all areas of our lives. We broke into groups and did several exercises. She taught us how to do visualization. It was important to do it the correct way SO we can manifest the things we desired in life. Very fun, inspiring and informative”
Hoeuy Campos – Elk Grove, CA

” Claudia’s personal success workshop was chock-full of useful insights and inspiration. Claudia kept the curriculum interesting with personal stories and examples that made the few hours we had together seem to whisk by.  I found her exercises very insightful. Specifically, we completed a worksheet to define our own purpose and the results set me back in my seat. I also completed another of her recommended exercises after returning home and gained new insights into what actually motivates me.  I highly recommend Claudia Fernandes-Niedzielski as a speaker and a workshop leader”
Mira Woodworth – Glass Artist, Wilton, CA