Unlock Your Golden Essence - Your Inner Power / Half Day Workshop

Excellent opportunity for business owners, individuals, students and staff who are interested in learning the tools necessary to:

  • How to Process the past and leave it behind
  • How to select the best influences in your life
  • How to participate in life in a way that creates miracles
  • How to feel the fear and go for your goals anyways
  • How to feel alive, excited and full of joy
  • How to heal past experiences and use them as a positive tool
  • How to increase your confidence
  • How to trust your intuition and so much more....



Unlock the Secrets to Your Peak Performance / 1 day Workshop

Are you ready to go from where you are to where you want to be?

This 1 day workshop will provide you with all the tools necessary to propel your life to the next level.

Attendees will learn:

  • Take charge of your life
  • Spark the fire in your life so you can ignite your FUTURE
  • Create the life you always wanted
  • Improve your results
  • Increase your income
  • Have more time off
  • Learn how to stop being a victim
  • Improve your relationships
  • Find out what truly drives you
  • Set Goals
  • Create Positive Affirmations
  • Find Joy again

Motivational Speaking

If you are looking for someone to motivate and inspire transformation with your audience through a story of adversity and obstacles to one of triumph and success, look no further.

Claudia is poised to create an atmosphere of trust, love and compassion for anyone in the audience as she shares her very own story of  resilience and the tools and principles she has used to transform and create a life with purpose and joy despite her mental illness diagnosis at the early age of 22; the devastating chronic illness of her husband and young daughter, and the abandonment her son felt during these years.

To book Claudia for your upcoming event, contact her directly at:

(916) 248-3004 Direct/Text


Call Claudia to book her for your next event (916) 248-3004

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